Monday, October 3, 2011

Data Medium Exchange (DME) - Execution Example

Dependency:  Create Invoice using payment method linked to DME.

Transaction F110:
Run Date: Enter Today’s Date
Identification: Enter a user defined value.
Hit enter.

Click on the Parameters Tab:
Enter Company Code
Enter Payment Method linked to DME.
Next P/date: Enter any date in the future.
Entr Vendor
Click Save:

Click on Status tab, and then click the Status Button.
Click the Proposal Button:

Click Enter:
The "Create Payment Medium" check box tells the program to generate the file.
In this case we are generating the file from the payment proposal.  This is usually left unchecked until the payment portion of the run.

Proposal has been scheduled
Click Status again and buttons next to the status button will appear.

Click Pmt Run:
Payment has been scheduled.

Click Status Again and the buttons will re-appear.

Click Printout and a popup message will appear.

Click enter:
The Printjob is scheduled, and then press status again.

Now Navigate to Path: EnvironmentàPayment MediumàDME Administration

Click on line with Proposal Check box (3rd Column)
*Note* If you generated the file from the payment instead of the proposal, then choose the line without the proposal checkbox.

Save to Local Directory and click enter.

The file generated from the program will now be in the local directory you have specified. 

This method is mostly used to test the file formats before "go-live."

In most cases, in a "live" environment, the file will be generated to a secure location such as a unix directory.  Then encryped and ftped to the bank.

The required directory location can be determined when setting up the variant for SAP program "SAPFPAYM."

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